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High-Voltage Coils Our Specialty

National Electric Coil is the largest independent manufacturer of high-voltage generator stator windings in the world. In continuous operation since 1917, NEC has been providing its windings to generator service companies and our power producing customers for over 90 years.

Our plant facilities span three countries and four locations, with our headquarters located in the Midwestern United States. Our 37,000 square-meter high-voltage stator coil facility features an ISO 9001-certified quality management system and is located near the Gulf Coast in the southern United States with ready access to a major seaport and an international airport hub.

NEC’s high-voltage generator stator windings are manufactured using highly automated equipment and a staff of over 250 craftsmen, as well as the support of, a highly experienced team of generator design engineers. NEC serves its global customer base with the highest quality replacement windings on time and at a value that makes us the worldwide leader. OUR EXPERIENCE GENERATES RESULTS!™ Results on which our customers can rely.