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Electromotores de Costa Rica Ltda.


Autopista Bernardo Sotor, 500 m Oeste
de Intersección Coyol, Costa Rica
P: +506 24338090
F: +506 24338265
Toll Free: +506 800 MOTORES

On-Site Generator Services Performed in the Following Locations:

Latin America. Will cover other countries, if requested.

Electromotores' Services

ELECTROMOTORES maintains a business partnership with NEC to service Large Generating Units including the supplying of High-Voltage coils in Latin America. A series of Repairs, Maintenance and Tests may be carried out in situ, including but not limited to:

Stator Rewinding

  • Winding Data Taking directly on the component, Stator or Rotor. EM does not require data availability or original drawings by the User.
  • Possibility of partial shipping of coils in order to decrease rewind times
  • Immediate response and programming teams in 24-hour day
  • Insulation systems optimized for operation in tough tropical climates
  • Quality Certification tests in factory and on site
  • Reverse Engineering and Redesign Capabilities in order to determine efficiency improvements and power uprates

Predictive Maintenance

  • On line Partial Discharge testing, through temporary couplers and latest technology equipment.
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Circuits Resistive Balance
  • Polarization Index and Absorption Index
  • AC-DC voltage drop
  • Surge
  • Hi Pot
  • Loop Test
  • Power Factor Tip Up
  • Electromagnetic Core Imperfections Detector (EL CID)
  • Wedge Tightness Detector
  • Blackout (Corona test)

Inspection & Diagnosis

Through a visit to the plant, EM runs a professional evaluation of the electrical and mechanical components, either assembled generator or rotor out, ensuring customers an accurate diagnosis, so that maintenance tasks in the short or long terms are scheduled timely, maximizing available resources.

Rehabilitation & Major Maintenance

EM performs all types of maintenance services on generators with high levels of quality, performance and efficiency.

Major Maintenance projects may be executed on a turnkey basis, allowing plant personnel to perform other tasks while the generator is been serviced. The services include the Design and Manufacture of the structures and accessories for removing the main components for disassembling.

Electromechanical inspection of the Unit, including but not limited to:

  • Air gaps, Core, Lamination, Welds
  • Stator windings, Field and Excitation
  • Insulation system and corona protection
  • Bearings, mechanical tolerances
  • RTDs
  • Diodes Bridges

Maintenance & Rehabilitation

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Drying at controlled temperature
  • Correction of Partial discharge problems
  • Renewal of Anti Corona System
  • Re-wedging
  • Recovery of deteriorated insulation by means of special materials application, with optimized characteristics for tough tropical environments.
  • Recovery of flooded generating units
  • Certification tests
  • Installing and replacement of New Parts
  • Mechanical evaluation and corrections
  • Dynamic Balancing