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NEC Generator Services

3330 East 14th Street
Brownsville, Texas 78523 USA
Phone: +1 (956) 541-1759 x333
FAX: +1 (956) 541-5499


On-Site Generator Services Performed in the Following Locations:

The NEC Generator Services Group (NEC GSG) provides on-site generator services worldwide, directly or in cooperation with our Generator Service Network partners.

NEC Generator Services Provides Services for Planned & Unplanned Generator Outages

NEC personnel inspect brazes of series connection coil clips to bar strand packages.
Double tube stack generator stator winding
Generator core loop tests are done to insure the integrity of core laminations before a rewind.
Core loop test verifies core integrity
The generator frame is thoroughly inspected before the core is restacked.
Stator core laminations removed
Refurbished rotor poles are reinstalled on a hydrogenerator rotor
Installing refurbished hydrogenerator field poles.

National Electric Coil's Generator Services Group (NEC GSG) provides NEC customers in North America with a wide variety of on-site services for major generator outages. It also supports our Generator Service Partners with site supervision and field services crews, depending on the project's technical requirements and the customer's needs.

Specializing in On-Site Installations

  • Stator windings for turbogenerators, up to and exceeding 1000 MW, any make, any winding type
  • Stator windings for hydrogenerators
  • Full and partial replacements of stator cores
  • Hydrogenerator rotor repairs and upgrades including spider, rim and field poles

Other Services

  • Inspection and testing
  • Data taking
  • Stator rewedging

Expertise & Experience

NEC GSG uses proprietary installation methods and techniques developed out of our long-term experience with all makes and sizes of machines and working under various site conditions. Our field service supervisors and senior staff bring years of experience to our crews. Many have worked for with various OEMs.

NEC Generator Services is an Integral Part of our Generator Network Program

Where projects are lead by one of our Generator Service Partners, depending on the GSP's experience or NEC role in the project, NEC supervisors may supervise the installation to insure that all procedures and techniques for installation are followed per our directives. Depending on the Partner's staffing plan for the project, NEC may also provide a full or partial winding crew.