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Customer Feedback

Quality Policy Put Into Practice

”...NEC’s approach is to work together with the customer to achieve that which is required. This approach was adopted throughout the contract, and it has been a pleasure working with all of your staff....I recall reading the quality policy on the reverse of your business cards, and apart from a couple of human errors that, upon coming to light, were highlighted to us very honestly, I have no hesitation in stating that this policy was portrayed in practice throughout the contract....I would look forward to working with you and your Company again.”

Dedicated Employees

“We both enjoyed the tour and the thorough explanation of the work being done on our new generator bars....We want to formally recognize the sincerity and dedication of your employees which we observed during the tour. The quality of the workmanship is critical to us to ensure the long-term reliability of our unit....Their work and commitment to excellence is certainly appreciated.”

Up Front. Straight Story

“I want to thank you...and the many other NEC employees that not only put in a quality job but did so by being up front and telling me like it is. I appreciated the updates and frankness…. (Our company) was able to utilize the unit for the majority of the summer and prevent having to purchase high price replacement power. The project was a challenge that was met by NEC and it has been a pleasure to work with a company with the integrity of NEC.”

Commitment to Help

“...sincere appreciation for the work your company performed for us during the last generator outage. We greatly appreciate... (the) timely response to our phone call, and for NEC’s internal commitment to help effect a timely and sound repair to our machine. As with our previous outage, the NEC staff both onsite and in your facilities provided prompt professional services during all phases of the work.”

Teamwork With Customer

“I would like to personally record my gratitude for the manner in which your Company and staff conducted themselves during the 18 month period, which for me began with... (a) comprehensive proposal on how NEC would carry out the task.... I recall...that NEC’s approach is to work with the customer to achieve that which is required. This approach was adopted throughout the contract, and it has been a pleasure to working with all of your staff.”

Eleven Major Rewinds

“NEC has performed 11 major rewinds and/or frequency conversions for our facility over the last several years. They have been considered a preferred bidder at our hydro plant and have performed high quality workmanship during their tenure.”

Excellent, Courteous

“I am very pleased with the work completed by National Electric Coil, especially the two-week turn around time and the excellent, courteous customer service. Thank you for a great job.”

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