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Energy Service Group


ESG Energy Service Group Ltd

Wohlerstrasse 51
5605 Dottikon
Phone + 41 56 500 4242
Fax + 41 56 500 4243

On-Site Generator Services Performed in the Following Locations: Worldwide

ESG Energy Service Group AG was established in 2006 (under the name EMAR-Tech AG) to offer a comprehensive service package for the Power Generation Industry. As ESG Energy Service Group is an independent service provider, our services are not limited to any OEM, design, technology, region or application.
We consider customer satisfaction as our top priority. Through our commitment to:

  • Customer and Application oriented solutions
  • Product and Technology knowledge
  • Quick response and short lead times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Constant high quality


We are part of the ongoing improvement process within the Power Generation Industry, creating added value and helping our customers to maintain their competitiveness.

Our service product range covers professional expertise, on-site and workshop maintenance and repair services and component supplies for a broad range of machine types and sizes worldwide.

Turbine and Generator Spare Parts

We can provide a broad range of spare parts for turbines and generators.

  • Mechanical parts
    • Bolts, nuts and sleeves
    • Springs
    • Gear components
  • Oil seals
  • White metall bearings (new manufacturing and repairs)
  • Turbine and compressor blades (all technologies)
  • Bolt tensioning systems
  • Turbine steam valve components
  • Generator components
    • Coil retaining rings
    • Insulation material
    • Chemicals and paint
    • Slip rings
    • Brushes and connectors
    • Wedges, spacers etc
  • Turbine steam seal technology
    • Labyrinth seals
    • Packing seal segments